The Vitamin Twister

The Novis Vita Juicer is a designer multifunctional device, developed in Switzerland, for a natural and healthy lifestyle.

Its high-quality processing, the novel technology, product design and responsible handling of the materials used for the product and packaging, make the Novis Vita Juicer a world first in the field of kitchen appliances. Aesthetics, technology and design combined in one brand-name product – resulting in the best looking and most compact juicer of its class, for natural energy and vitality.


The Novis Vita Juicer, a novel multifunctional juicer, cleverly combines a juicer and citrus press in one appliance.


Thanks to the innovative combination of citrus press and centrifuge, considerably more nutrients remain in the juice which also gives it a wonderfully creamy consistency.


The innovative conical shape of the citrus press enables the maximum fruit pulp to be exploited – no fibres or drops of the healthy fruit ingredients are lost.


The simple function of the drip protector, which is just as easy to use, prevents juice leaking out.


The Novis Vita Juicer has a single operating button (on/off) which makes it child's play to use. The intelligent appliance has a self-regulating rotary speed and reacts automatically to different fruit pulp consistencies, without you having to adjust this manually.

Easy cleaning

All elements that come into contact with fruit pulp can easily be taken apart and cleaned in the dishwasher. As a world first, the centrifuge in particular, can be dismantled into two parts, making it even easier to clean.

Extra wide filling funnel

Thanks to the special shape, fruit and vegetables can be easily fed into the centrifuge. This eliminates the need for actively pushing in the fruit and vegetables, unlike conventional juicers. The shape allows carrots, apples etc. to be literally drawn into the appliance.

Environmentally friendly

The die-cast housing can be easily recycled. We created the packaging to be CO2 friendly and optimised it for logistics. Consequently we have developed the least possible packaging with the least possible material for the Novis Vita Juicer and ensured that the space on transport pallets can be optimally exploited.

Essential Line

Exclusive Line

Order the Vita Juicer in one of the 10 available colors and bring the best juice in the world into your home!

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Smoothies made easy

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Sweet joy


100 grams of Strawberry
100 grams of Pineapple
100 grams of apple halves


Blend strawberries and pineapples with the feed chute and the blending unit. Detach blending unit. Juice apple halves with the feed chute and the centrifuge.

Slightly exotic


85 grams of fennel
100 grams of apple halves
40 grams of celery sticks
4 grams of lemon grass


Juice the fennel, celery stocks, apple halves and the lemon grass with the feed chute and the centrifuge.

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The Novis Vita Juicer is distributed in more than 30 countries. Our authorised distributors have been carefully selected and trained so that we can offer you the best service for your Novis Vita Juicer across the globe.

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